Springtime Canal Tactics on The Lancaster Canal

With the river season over until June, Cadence Brand Ambassador Alan Barnes is fishing the Lancaster Canal in this latest blog. Alan draws on a vast wealth of experience to bring you an in-depth article on how best to tackle this impressive canal during the spring. A fantastic blog with plenty of advice for canal anglers, no matter where you’re fishing.

Bagging Up On Lancaster Canal Bream With The Cadence CP2000 Pole

In this age of commercial fisheries and huge weights of carp, ‘forgotten’ natural venues are doing very nicely, thriving on neglect – and the Lancaster Canal, which runs from Preston, in Lancashire, up through Lancaster and on into Cumbria, is a classic case in point. Before the era of commercials, coarse anglers had three choices […]

Cadence CR10 13ft #1 Match Rod Review

In one word, the Cadence CR10 13ft #1 match rod, for me at any rate, has the ‘Wow’ factor. I have always been a lover of soft-actioned rods, and when targeting catches of roach on fine hook lengths, the softer the tip, the better, in my humble opinion. This rod is right up there with […]

Fishing the top and bottom slider on the River Ribble

I can remember it almost like it was yesterday: I was a 12-year-old boy just starting to become obsessed with fishing, which meant religiously buying the Angling Times and Anglers Mail each Wednesday. It was September 1975 and that week’s angling weeklies had all the details from the World Championships, fished on the Bydgoszcz Canal […]

Cadence CR10 13ft #3 Feeder Rod and CS10 4000 Reel – Live Test

Memories of happy times came flooding back when I got out of my car to go fishing for this Cadence tackle test on Lancashire’s River Ribble. The pungent smell of slurry greeted my nostrils and I knew I was at Elston Old Hall Farm, a mile or so from Grimsargh village, where I spent childhood […]

Targeting Lancaster Canal Bream with the Cadence CR10 #1 10ft Wand

Bream, that most enigmatic of species. Obliging on the one hand, evasive on the other. Take your pick; both adjectives apply in the fullest sense to the common or bronze bream. When they feed you can enjoy some hectic sport, but when they don’t it can be a very frustrating experience. Luckily, a few decided […]