Product Reviews

Bagging Up On Lancaster Canal Bream With The Cadence CP2000 Pole

In this age of commercial fisheries and huge weights of carp, ‘forgotten’ natural venues are doing very nicely, thriving on neglect – and the Lancaster Canal, which runs from Preston, in Lancashire, up through Lancaster and on into Cumbria, is a classic case in point. Before the era of commercials, coarse anglers had three choices… read more

Cadence CR10 13ft #1 Match Rod Review

In one word, the Cadence CR10 13ft #1 match rod, for me at any rate, has the ‘Wow’ factor. I have always been a lover of soft-actioned rods, and when targeting catches of roach on fine hook lengths, the softer the tip, the better, in my humble opinion. This rod is right up there with… read more

Steven Cowley on the Cadence CR10 14ft #2 Match Rod

After the three month respite, the glorious 16th has arrived, it’s river time again! My local fishing is done on the River Ouse with my usual haunt averaging depths of between 15 and 24ft, I had been itching to try the Cadence CR10 14ft #2 Match rod, perfect for a little used, sometimes forgotten method,… read more

Cadence CR10 #2 15ft and 16ft Match Rod Review

“Now then ya loon!” – This greeting could have come from anyone, there is no doubt about it, I’m a loon in the first degree. This time it was an old fishing and drinking friend James Robbins. “Keith I’m starting up a new brand in the UK” said James, “and I want you to cast… read more