Steven Cowley on the Cadence CR10 10ft and 11ft Feeder Rods

I have been using Cadence Fishing rods and reels for the last six months, to say I am impressed would be an understatement. Most of my fishing is on my local River Ouse, in Cambridgeshire, where the depth varies from 16 to 24ft deep. I’ve been fishing with the Cadence CR10 12ft #2 or 13ft […]

Cadence CR10 13ft #3 Feeder Rod and CS10 4000 Reel – Live Test

Memories of happy times came flooding back when I got out of my car to go fishing for this Cadence tackle test on Lancashire’s River Ribble. The pungent smell of slurry greeted my nostrils and I knew I was at Elston Old Hall Farm, a mile or so from Grimsargh village, where I spent childhood […]

Cadence CR10 #2 15ft and 16ft Match Rod Review

“Now then ya loon!” – This greeting could have come from anyone, there is no doubt about it, I’m a loon in the first degree. This time it was an old fishing and drinking friend James Robbins. “Keith I’m starting up a new brand in the UK” said James, “and I want you to cast […]