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Cadence CP2000 Top Kit

Cadence CP2000 Top Kit

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SKU: CP2000-TK-P Category:
SKUStock Description PriceQuantity
CP2000-5K 35 In Stock CP2000 Top 5 Kit £259.00
CP2000-4K 72 In Stock CP2000 Top 4 Kit £149.99
CP2000-3K 272 In Stock CP2000 Top 3 Kit £69.99
CP2000-2P 267 In Stock CP2000 Top 2 Power Kit £49.99
CP2000-2C 53 In Stock CP2000 Top 2 Cupping Kit £39.99
CP2000-2K 3 In Stock CP2000 Top 2 Kit £34.99



Description Weight Elastic Rating Sections Actual Length Closed Length
Top 5 Kit 153g 12 5 5.91m 1.65m
Top 4 Kit 76g 12 4 4.33m 1.54m
Top 3 Kit 33g 12 3 2.84m 1.18m
Top 2 Power Kit 53g 20 2 2.28m 1.18m
Top 2 Cupping Kit 58g N/A 2 2.28m 1.18m
Top 2 Kit 13g 12 2 1.70m 1.15m


1 review

  1. John Cookson (verified owner)

    Unbelievable delivery of four top 3’s.
    Placed order early Wednesday morning and received Thursday at 13.00!
    All four kits were in individual plastic tubes- very handy! Also each plastic tube was placed inside a heavy duty cardboard tube! Excellent packaging!
    Now, for the kits themselves.
    I was told by two very good friends of mine Alan Barnes and Steve Wilson, who own Cadence CP2000 poles that these kits would fit my Daiwa Tournament X and, at a fraction of the price of original kits… I was sceptical about whether they would be as good- I need not have been!
    These kits are even better than my genuine kits and far stiffer!
    I’ve now tried out a CP2000 pole alongside my own, and I have to say, it’s actually stiffer, lighter and more responsive.
    I think my next Pole purchase will definitely be one of these.
    I have no connection with Cadence at all, I used to sell Poles and I’ve never believed in any hype and would certainly not recommend something I’ve not tried myself.

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