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Cadence CR10 9ft Feeder Rod

Cadence CR10 9ft Feeder Rod

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The CR10 range covers most UK coarse rod applications and will prove extremely popular for both commercial and natural venues. The high quality blanks are constructed from a blend of 40 and 36 ton carbon and this provides rods that are lightweight, slim and strong. The components used are of the highest quality including AAA cork, Fuji guides, Fuji reels seats and the finish is simply stunning! Compare these rods to other higher priced brands with similar specification and quality and you will confirm that Cadence rods display amazing value for money. Also be assured that your purchase will help get more kids outdoors and fishing – Go Fishing, Give Back!

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CR10-92C-F 46 In Stock CR10 9ft Feeder #2 £99.99


About the Cadence CR10 9ft Feeder Rod #2

This two-piece rod is perfect for commercial fisheries. It has a lovely progressive action and is a popular choice thanks to its versatility. Equally at home casting small method feeders or normal swimfeeders, it can also be used on rivers for bomb fishing with lobworms and luncheon meat. Comes with three carbon tips in 1oz, 1.5oz and 2oz. Verdict: A mighty rod with a small price tag.


Weight Power Tips Action Line Pieces
144g 15-60g 1, 1.5, 2oz Fast 8lb 2

About Cadence Feeder Fishing Rods

Feeder fishing has soared in popularity in the last few years and at Cadence we do not believe that one rod fits all.

We have some of the finest feeder fishing anglers in the UK in our development team and can state with confidence that every rod in our extensive range is designed to work well for its chosen situation.

So whether you are looking for a winter fishing wand with gossamer-fine tips that show the merest pluck or twitch, through to a powerful, long distance feeder rod, we cover all the bases and everything in between.

All the Cadence feeder rods have non-locking, parabolic blanks which, due to their design, means accuracy of casting allied to forgiveness.

Our competitive pricing strategy and performance for less mantra, also means that if you want a matching pair of tip rods you may find that you can buy two for the price of one by other manufacturers. How good is that?

Cadence – Go Fishing, Give Back


  • 40 / 36 Ton Carbon
  • Fuji Alconite guides
  • Fuji DPS-HPS Reel seat
  • AAA Cork handles

4 reviews

  1. Tony Newbold (verified owner)

    I have been very priviledged to have been trialing this rod for James Robbins for the last few months. It is now very pleasing to see that they are available to everyone as they went on sale on 24th April. How good are they is the big question. I can answer that in two ways, firstly, if you have already got the 10ft #2. you will know how good it is. this performs in exactly the same way but is a foot shorter. The difference a foot can make on snake lakes is quite surprising, particularly when you want to just “plop” your bait close to the far bank which may be only 12mtr away.
    Secondly, for those who are not in posession of the 10ft. How good are these? They are very well made, great through action, particularly good when getting the fish close to netting as the rod cushions all the final lunges. A must have rod in my opinion

  2. Ben Franks

    I do not know how many reviews I have written in my life. As a member of the ‘PlayStation’ generation as it were we have grown up reviewing everything we purchase online via feedback requests etc. Normally these feedback ratings, whilst usually heartfelt as scores go, are automated; a simple number of stars selected, optioned and away it goes, into the public forum to be considered or not, as the case maybe. In the case of this rod the written word must be used however, as it deserves a little of the Queens to get the message across to the end user.

    I purchased this rod brand new but second hand. The gentleman did not want to feeder fish and it was an unwanted gift. Ironically a gift that i was one click away from ordering the night before. I digress. In this range of rod length and speaking from a competitive match fishing angle there are lots and lots of options but for half the price of the CR10 9ft #2. Rightfully so in all honesty, the 10ft/9ft feeder should be a staple for all match anglers to my mind and entry level versions are a must on the market. However, what the CR10 9ft #2 does brilliantly is cost a mere £40 or so more than every decent entry level 10ft/9ft feeder (Mavers Reality series for example) but fishes as a rod that costs £150 plus. Seriously. It is that good.

    The rod is perfectly at home when using simple feeder tactics in the better weather months as you would expect, but i think it comes to life in the colder weather too. Not wanting to make too much loud noise with a 20g method feeder to the far bank. Crack out the CR10 9ft #2 and fish a small olivette instead. The rod tips tighten up nicely and bite recognition is excellent. The Fuji guides are world class as with all Cadence products to be honest, and the rod feels solid when the fish are at your feet due to the solid grip you can get a hold of on the EVA/Cork handle design. The action when playing a fish is good, it isn’t the softest in my opinion but that does not hamper performance and more importantly you do not see the blank of the rod go rigid and flat when it matters, the action progressively bends through leading to more fish caught.

    As you can probably tell I do use Cadence equipment primarily for all my fishing BUT please do not let that influence you. Buy this rod. Don’t look at it as spending an extra £40, look at it as saving over £50,£60 or £70. It is as good as any other 9ft rod on the market, i promise you that.

    Tight lines.

  3. neiltm941

    I did order the 10′ rod but received the 9′ in error.
    But i am glad i did, what a fantastic rod. Casts 25 metres with a problem, 6lb sink line and 24 gram Hybrid feeder and 2mm pellets on the feeder and a banded 8mm or a wafter soze 16 hook.
    Hit the same spot time after time. Ended my session with 12 skimmers to 3lb and 2 Mirrors and a Common to 6lb
    Cant wait for my next outing

  4. lewisalpine (verified owner)

    Simply a fantastic rod. Been using it for a few months now on both commercials and canals. The first thing you notice is how light it is, unbelievable. The action is soft but very strong. The tips are very sensitive for bite detection. I’ve had silver and carp on this rod, I’ve even hauled in a 8lb one with no issues, the bend was fantastic. It casts feeders with great accuracy at short ranges. It fits perfect with both the 3000 and 4000 reels. It is great for canals, fishing to close in islands and margin work.
    Will shortly be leaving a review on the 11 foot match once I get more use out of it.

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