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Cadence CP200 9M Whip

Cadence CP200 9M Whip

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We developed this long whip predominantly for river fishing where dedicated longer whips are becoming a necessity. It’s also a perfect pole when fishing ‘to hand’ with heavier gear on festival venues in Ireland, Holland and Denmark.

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We developed this long whip predominantly for river fishing where dedicated longer whips are becoming a necessity. It’s also a perfect pole when fishing ‘to hand’ with heavier gear on festival venues in Ireland, Holland and Denmark.




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CP200 9M Whip





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4 reviews

  1. Kenton Smith (verified owner)

    I received my CP200 last week after looking at it over the Evesham weekend. I have been holding off replacing my 20y old Shaky whip for a while now and took the plunge. I had tried out over the last 12 months other companies whips and didn’t think I really needed to upgrade, either they was minimal improvement or just to expensive (£500 ((no need to name drop))). My mind was changed after the Evesham trip. Well so far I have been delighted with the CP200. Its action is surprisingly responsive with or without the flick tip fitted. You could even use it as a normal pole at its 9mtr length in say windy conditions but have not used it with elastic just yet. The action with the flick tip is very progressive which so far has seen me bump fewer fish, with the top 4 bending beautifully. So far it has handled bonus fish nicely with roach pushing a pound and a nice four pound bream giving it a good test. Will it retain a 5 star rating after a few years use, time will tell, but I think if your in the market for a long whip this should be seriously considered. As an owner of said £500 whip told me ” its feels better than mine”.

  2. Andrew Sowerby (verified owner)

    I have used the 9m whip for a year now and it is simply superb, it has revolutionised my fishing.

    For me it is used for still water work on lakes and reservoirs where it is difficult to ship back a pole.

    As am familiar with underhand casting, when the whip is used at the full 9m I raise the whip and push my lower hand out bring my upper hand up to 2’ away from my right eye and my lower hand is raised up to my chest, I push my lower hand away and swing the waggler out just behind me, then I sharply pull the lower hand in towards my chest and hardly push my upper hand forward using the power generated by my lower hand to punch out the waggler. The rig then straightens out in front and falls to the water. I then bring back the waggler into the area I am fishing and at the same time sink the line. Presentation is very accurate should I wish to fish the same spot each time so enabling me to fish chosen baited swims.

    The whip is incredibly light and easy to hold should you want to, and it is fast so making it possible to hit quick biting fish at range. Incidentally a bonus, as the whip is very slim, is that I managed to fish an exposed peg with the 9m whip in a comp where the wind was gusting strongly, and 3 poles were broken.

    Bringing fish in is simple and smooth. Larger lively fish are played by switching the angle constantly which slows down a fish quickly as it confuses the fish as the angles change whilst drawing the fish in and the smooth progressive curve the long whip forms always brings a smile. The whip has lightweight take apart sections from 5m up so it is quick and easy to take a section off to net a larger fish.

    Every person I have shown the whip to has been amazed at how light and effective a fishing tool this whip is, however, I have only found 2 issues with this whip: 1. It is very addictive. 2. It can stop you using other tackle as your enjoying yourself too much!

  3. Steve Amison

    I’ve used the Cadence whip on a natural venue close to me catching silvers at ranges from 5m up to 9m to hand. It’s a joy to use so light and responsive. On a spare top 3 I’ve cut the flick tip back a little further to take account of a better stamp of silvers I’ve encountered. I can throughly recommend this whip to anyone looking to fish for silvers any where up to 9m to hand. A lovely piece of kit.

  4. Douglas Howell (verified owner)

    Bought on my Birthday last year (June 2019) after seeing it in the flesh at a Club demonstration. No second thoughts and no regrets after a year’s use. Full length to hand on the River Thames with a large float, elastic and plenty of lead to beat the Bleak, its a dream! No unshipping and worrying about Bikes, Dogs and Walkers behind you. On the Grand Union Canal the same to fish with a flick tip tight to boats on the far bank. Just gone back for another top 5 (another Birthday present). A very versatile bit of kit I wouldn’t leave home without.

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