Back to Basics: The Old Methods Still Work

Steve Chatfield goes in search of carp using a back to basics approach, where he proves that the old, simple methods have plenty of life left in them yet.

Post Lockdown Canal Bream Fishing

After a long lockdown, Adrian Stokes was looking forward to his first session. Here he looks back at a first productive session canal bream fishing.

Red Letter Season Opener

Steve Cowley fished the river season open day last week and had himself a red letter day with a personal record bag of a bream and a new PB too.

Brand Ambassador Focus: Steve Whitfield & George Robinson

We join Steve Whitfield and George Robinson for a day at Southfield Reservoir near Doncaster for some top tips on feeder fishing. This blog contains detailed images and videos.

Fishing the Caster on Canals

Alan Barnes takes an in-depth look at caster fishing on canals looking at the history, how to turn your own casters and how and where to fish.

Become an Angling Mentor

An anglers life is often shaped by the mentors they encountered and gleaned knowledge from in their early angling careers. Leigh Harrison looks back at his mentors, how he is encouraging his children to participate and why you should become a mentor to anglers of the future.

Ending the season at the Crabtree Peg

Towards the end of a frustrating winter river fishing season, Andy Burt headed south for an end of season session on the chalk streams and rivers of his youth, a session which threw up some surprises amongst the difficult weather conditions…

Cadence CP2000 16m Pole Long Term Review

Adrian Stokes has been using the Cadence CP2000 pole for over a year and a half, here are his thoughts in this long term product review.

Perch Fishing: An alternative view

Steven Chatfield loves a bit of perch fishing, in this latest blog he heads out in search of big perch using a new prototype specialist rod from Cadence.

Fishing Bread on the Float for Chub on the Warwickshire Avon

Andy Burt loves the winter and one of his favourite winter pastimes is chub fishing. We join Andy on the Warwickshire Avon where he runs us through how he fishes for chub with bread on the float.