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About Cadence Ian Gordon Rods

The Cadence Ian Gordon range covers the most popular sizes and actions of double-handed rods required by salmon and trout anglers right now.

A unique feature of these rods is the interchangeable sections. These sections allow the angler to alter the action of each rod to suit their casting technique and fishing situation. We believe this is a first in salmon fishing and gives each length of rod three different actions. In effect, this gives the angler three different rods. These actions are described in detail on each product page and in the video below:

We believe in providing the angler with as much information to ensure they pick exactly the right piece of equipment for them personally.

Built with the Cadence T-Mesh System – Mixed Axle Weave Technology

All our blanks have been designed and developed utilising the best technology for this application.

T –Mesh is the product of a collaboration between our knowledge of casting, fishing and physics with our engineers understanding of materials and their properties. By blending different weaves and using multi layering technology, T-Mesh ensures maximum performance and strength when the rod is under load, twist and recoil.

In simple terms this is mixing the correct materials to ensure strength and flexibility is built into the correct part of our rod blanks.

What is T-Mesh?

T relates to Tanso, the Japanese word for carbon, relating to our use of quality Japanese carbon throughout the blank construction.

Mesh describes our unique layering system, devised by our engineers, ensuring the correct number of fibres follow the correct orientation required for maximum strength and performance.

This unique construction makes our blanks some of the lightest on the market and some of the strongest too. We believe this marriage of experience and technology has created the perfect blend to produce the very best fly-fishing rods.

Bespoke Fishing

The bespoke nature of the rods carries on to the handle, with all rods being offered in traditional cork or a slim, traditional style EVA handle.

The components used are of the highest quality including AAA cork, Fuji guides, Alps reel seats.

Ian has used all of his knowledge of what salmon anglers require with regard to rod actions and feels this range offers something for everyone.

Available in three different actions – 

All rods come in three different actions. This is achieved by changing one or two sections at the butt of the rod, thus providing the customer with the rod action of their choice.

Full Flex – This is a parabolic action, some would describe as soft, slow or through action. This is a rod that performs perfectly for those with a Long Stroke technique. Of the people we see on the riverbank, 25 –30% would find this works for them.

Standard – The standard action is slightly stiffer in the butt providing a crisp, slightly faster action than the full flex rod. This rod action suits the majority of people we see.

Fast – This fast action rod has the stiffest butt section and is the action of rod favouring the Scandi or underhand technique.

Compare these rods to other higher priced brands with similar specifications and quality will confirm to you that Cadence rods display exceptional value for money. Also be assured that your purchase will help get more kids outdoors and fishing – Go Fishing, Give Back!