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Cadence CS10 Long Cast Fishing Reel

Cadence CS10 Long Cast Fishing Reel


A range of larger reels designed for carp and specimen fishing. With a quick drag system to allow fish to run on the take and a carbon fibre drag that is smooth and powerful to combat the runs and lunges of larger fish. Made from a lightweight, strong, corrosive resistant Carbon composite frame and side plates, these reels will perfectly balance on any specialist and carp fishing rod.

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CS10-5500-LC 133 In Stock CS10 5500 LC £139.99
CS10 7500 LC 178 In Stock CS10 7500 LC £149.99


About the CS10 Long Cast Fishing Reel

Description Weight Ball Bearings Gear Ratio Max Drag Retrieve Capacity
CS10 5500 LC 561g 6+1 4.8:1 25lbs 89cm 410m/0.30mm/12lb
CS10 7500 LC 683g 6+1 4.8:1 28lbs 101cm 480m/0.30mm/12lb

A range of larger reels with specifications dedicated to fishing for larger species and the rigours of specimen fishing. Made from a carbon composite frame, they are lightweight to perfectly balance on both shorter and longer specialist rods. Both reels come with machined aluminium long cast spools, designed for casting to distance when fishing far off spots. The CS10 7500 Long Cast reel, with its large capacity, is perfect for fishing at distance and when boating out rigs on big waters, especially on the continent.

The CS10 5500 Long Cast is a mini big pit reel, great for smaller waters and when wanting to fish tight and compact, works especially well on shorter 9 and 10ft specialist rods. The 5500 has also found favour with long range feeder anglers in testing, its high line capacity perfect for fishing with thicker lines and bigger feeders. Our anglers have landed carp to over 40lbs using these reels, the super smooth carbon fibre drag absorbing the runs and lunges with ease.

  • 6 Stainless steel ball bearings + 1 instant anti-reverse bearing – smooth, durable, & corrosion resistant
  • Quick drag system – easy to use and effective
  • Carbon composite frame & side plates – lightweight, strong, & corrosion resistant
  • Carbon fibre drag system – smooth & powerful
  • Machined aluminium long cast spool– lightweight & strong
  • 2 x spring loaded line clips – line safe
  • Oversized ergonomic EVA handle – comfortable & lightweight
  • Machined Aluminium handle – strong & durable
  • Stainless steel main shaft and brass pinion gear – smooth & durable
  • Worm gear oscillation – superb line lay

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