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Cadence CS10 Match Fishing Reel

Cadence CS10 Match Fishing Reel

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The CS10 series of fixed spool reels is sure to exceed your expectations. The features, quality, and design have been maximised by our engineers to compete equally against competitors’ reels at much higher price points.

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CS10-4000-M 82 In Stock CS10 4000 £119.99
CS10-3000-M 112 In Stock CS10 3000 £119.99


About the Cadence CS10 3000, 4000 Match Fishing Reel

The CS10 series of fixed spool reels is sure to exceed your expectations. The features, quality, and design have been maximised by our engineers to compete equally against competitors’ reels at much higher price points. The lightweight design is a result of using magnesium for the body and carbon composite for the side plate and rotor. These materials also produce reels that are both strong and rigid in function.


Description Weight Ball Bearings Gear Ratio Max Drag Capacity
CS10 4000 240g 10+1 6.2:1 20lbs 150m/0.28mm/8lb
CS10 3000 212g 10+1 6.2:1 19lbs 110m/0.22mm/4lb
  • 10 +1 bearings
  • Magnesium frame
  • 2 x Machined aluminium spool, shallow spooled.
  • Carbon composite side plate & rotor
  • Carbon composite rotor
  • Carbon Matrix drag system
  • Machined aluminium spool
  • Oversized ergonomic EVA handle
  • Machined aluminium handle

11 reviews

  1. Szabolcs Poór (verified owner)

    Fantastic reel for good price.

  2. Brian Baker

    Bought a second cs10 reel recently to compliment my new match rod.
    What can I say?
    As good as any brand double the price tag, light, great line lay in the spools,great gearing, really cheap spare spool price and loads of winding power when needed.
    fantastic value for money and pleased to have it join my armoury

  3. David Butler (verified owner)

    Absolute bargain of a reel. I purchased a 3000 and 4000 version to complement a feeder and waggler rod
    Light but powerful with a super smooth drag. The drag system is quite quick, meaning it only takes 2 or 3 clicks to go from letting the fish run to being able to give the fish some stick!
    I can’t recommend them highly enough

  4. Lewis Jarvis (verified owner)

    Purchased this for a 12 ft feeder I have, after using the CS7 3000 reel for float work for many months. The drag on the CS10 is perfect both very smooth and controlled. The reel feels very smooth when reeling in both with and without a fish. My reel is loaded with both 4 and 8 lb line. And it sits on the spool perfectly.

  5. Andrew saunders (verified owner)

    Brought two of the CS10 for my 10ft and 11ft feeder rods and over the moon with them.
    Nice and light and superb drag
    Absolute bargain at that price

  6. Neil lawrence

    I have waited to give my review on the cs10 4000 reel as I wanted to see if it stood the test of time.Ive used this now for nearly two years so can give it the credit it deserved.
    Opened the box and was surprised that it came with spare spool.
    Stunning looking reel it’s still as tight as day I received it bearings show no sign of wearing or any wobbly handle.
    The bail arm still snaps over like a mousetrap.
    I have used this on all my float fishing and
    Short range feeder work it still feels solid.
    Highly recommend and don’t think there is a reel out there for under 100quid that will come anywhere near the quality of the cs10 range.
    Extra spare spools are available as is the cs double handle so worth bearing in mind when ordering

  7. Ken Dooley

    Got two cs10 4000 reels at a promotion night in maghull been using one on 11ft on 1 rod for my short tip fishing on carr mill. What can I say rod perfect reel superb well made very smooth and plenty of power won a match with them at the weekend. Have put the uther reel on my 15ft float rod used it last week on the ribble fishing the stick float excellent the bail arm is so quick to collect the line on the strike am seriously considering buying two more ,plus thinking of replacing my 3 shamarnos I use for my medum distance feeder fishing with the cs10 5ooo

  8. Kev Kania

    15 years retail experience for Used Tackle so I have seen a lot of reels. These reels are stunning !! superb line lay, very smooth oscillation, superb drag system. Bought the 3000 version so complement my 10 ft rods perfectly.

    Buy with confidence awesome products and company.

  9. James Brewer

    The CS10 4000 reels are my favourite reels for river float fishing and I’ve used them extensively for over two years. I like the 4000 size as they are very light and I feel the larger spool allows line to peel off the reel with less resistance than a smaller sized spool. This lack of resistance coupled with an excellent line lay really helps when fishing delicate floats for shy biting fish. I like to play fish mainly with the backwind and use the clutch as extra security when bigger fish like barbel and chub are close to the net. The anti-reverse lever is very easy to locate and the clutch is sensitive, easy to adjust and very reliable. The bail arm flicks over effortlessly for those who like to wind it closed on the strike. Lovely reels at a bargain price!

  10. Luke Grimwood (verified owner)

    I have both the 4000 and 3000 CS10 reels and they absolutely sold me on using Cadence reels for the foreseeable future.

    The reels truly are excellent value for money, I’ve had absolutely no issues with line lay on the spools and the reels are silky smooth.

    The drag has been exceptional when handling larger fish on commercials.

    I’ve found that my 3000’s match well when waggler fishing, and as you’d expect the 4000 is more suited to the heavier work with a feeder.

    Spare spools always seem to be readily available and I’ve already purchased an additional 3 spools for my 3000 reels.

    Will certainly be adding another one or two of these to my armory once they are back in stock, but may even look at a CS8 or CS7 as they are seemingly excellent pieces of kit for comparative prices.

    The slick visual design of the reel is pretty nice as well!

  11. wgalloway50

    Bought the Cs10 4000 reel for my 11ft pellet rod, so I loaded it with 6lb line and went to meadowland fishery where the fish run quite big.
    Now the day started slowly on the waggler, but the fish came steadily and the reel performed superbly.
    The drag was silky smooth, and never felt like it was going to let me down.
    The reel felt very robust and the cranking was effortless.
    All in all a excellent reel at a excellent price, well done to cadence.
    I will be adding another to my fishing armoury and have already ordered the 5000 feeder reel.


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