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Cadence CR10 13ft Match Rod

Cadence CR10 13ft Match Rod

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The CR10 range covers most UK coarse rod applications and will prove extremely popular for both commercial and natural venues. The high quality blanks are constructed from a blend of 40 and 36 ton carbon and this provides rods that are lightweight, slim and strong. The components used are of the highest quality including AAA cork, Fuji guides, Fuji reels seats and the finish is simply stunning! Compare these rods to other higher priced brands with similar specification and quality and you will confirm that Cadence rods display amazing value for money. Also be assured that your purchase will help get more kids outdoors and fishing – Go Fishing, Give Back!

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SKUStock Description PriceQuantity
CR10-133C-LM 25 In Stock CR10 13ft Match #1 £129.99
CR10-133C-M 6 In Stock CR10 13ft Match #2 £129.99
CR10-133C-PM 45 In Stock CR10 13ft Match #3 £129.99


About the Cadence CR10 13ft Match Rod #1

The lightest action in a family of three Cadence 13ft float rods. Can be used with confidence to land bonus fish on hook lengths down to.06mm diameter. Superb fast, progressive action from the tip through to mid-section with complete non-locking parabolic action.


Weight Power Action Line Pieces
162g 1-15g Fast 6lb 3


About the Cadence CR10 13ft Match Rod #2

A fantastically versatile float rod that already has legions of fans. Brilliant tip to middle action allows you to fish with confidence down to .07mm hook lengths whilst having enough power to step up to .12mm bottoms with no change in action. The action and fine hollow rolled tip mean it is perfect for stick float or waggler fishing.


Weight Power Action Line Pieces
172g 2-20g Fast 6lb 3


About the Cadence CR10 13ft Match Rod #3

A tool designed for use when bigger fish are on the cards, at home with .14mm diameter hook lengths and 3-4lb reel lines. The perfect float rod for bullying big chub away from snags on small rivers and a great weapon to have in your holdall for any big fish situation, including large carp on commercials and for specimen tench. Deceptively powerful but forgiving blank.


Weight Power Action Line Pieces
170g 2-30g Fast 8lb 3


About Cadence CR10 Match Fishing Rods

Fishing has moved on so much from 20 years ago when a match angler would typically carry two 13 foot match rods; one for light line work and a more powerful rod for bigger fish and fishing at greater distances.

And the Cadence CR10 match range reflects the diversity of venues, approaches, species and styles of fishing we all use to get the most from our sport.

So whether you want a soft-actioned 11ft rod for canal waggler fishing, a soft-actioned 12 or 13ft rod for picking off silvers and F1s on winter commercials, a 13 foot power float rod for big carp or chub on tight streams and rivers, through to a 16ft three-piece float rod for targeting barbel and chub with strong line and strong hooklengths, we have it covered – and then some.

The Cadence team are all dedicated, committed anglers, passionate about bringing out rods with the correct actions and capabilities for their specific tasks.

All of our rods are fit for purpose – designed by anglers, for anglers.

With our performance for less strategy, Cadence offers superb rods at fantastic price points. The bottom line is that this means you can afford to buy a rod that may only be used four or five times a year for a specific purpose, without breaking the bank.

Cadence – Go Fishing, Give Back!


  • 40 / 36 Ton Carbon
  • Fuji Alconite guides
  • Fuji DPS-HPS Reel seat
  • AAA Cork handles

6 reviews

  1. Jonathan Rowland

    I invested in a 13ft Match #1 in August 2018 and, having used it on the lower Bristol Avon in a number of matches, it’s one of the smartest moves I’ve ever made.

    For a start, it’s pencil thin – like a wand in the hand. It has an extremely fast tip action but has power in reserve should you hook a decent fish. But the real beauty is, with such a forgiving action, you hardly ever bump anything.

    My go-to rod for roach and dace had always been my much-loved Normark Titan 2000 (c.1990 vintage). Trust me, I’ve tried quite a few rods in the meantime but, until now, I’ve never found anything that came close. So it obviously means a lot when you finally find a rod that surpasses a legendary rod as the Normark.

    Suffice it to say, after only two outings with my new Cadence, I’ve since bought a 14ft #1, along with two CR8 reels (3000 models).

    Honestly, all the kit is truly superb, I cant speak highly enough.

  2. Andrew walker (verified owner)

    Brilliant…..having took delivery of 2 x 13 ft and 2 x 14 ft rods numbers 2 & 3 I was and I am still amazed by the quality and likeness to my Normarks. Great value for money with a super action depending on the type of fishing. The blank on the number 2 is thin and light. Such is the value the number 1 is a must in the 13 ft range. A Superb selection of rods…..

  3. Ian Donnelly

    I’ve invested in a number of Cadence rods (both float and feeder) now and everyone of them is spot on and superb value for money. I’ve had good Chub and Barbel on the 14ft #3 float and the 15ft #s 1 & 2 give great control and action. The 14ft and 13ft #1s float rods are lovely to use for silvers but handle bonus fish just fine. For example I used the 13ft #1 before Xmas on a match and had 49lb of carp on the waggler for a win, which just goes to show how versatile it is.
    Can’t recommend Cadence rods enough, you won’t be disappointed.

  4. Tony Peet

    I first went to meet Cadence ambassador Alan Barnes on the river Ribble. I had a look at a couple of rods and Alan soon convinced me to give them a go.
    So confident they sent one out for me to try out…..
    “If you don’t like it send it back”
    Well I took it on the river, married it up with a pin and well two years later it’s now my go to rod. I have had loads of float rods. The ones that make you smile are special. I love the no1’s soft through action its the perfect rod for grayling and it lends itself so well for silvers “a bit of roach crumping on the Ribble” as Alan would say.
    The no1 has got such a versatyle nature which allows a delicate approach for silvers on light hook lengths and also stepping up when you need to give it a bit in those snaggy chub swims. On many rivers I go walking feeding a few swims, some hold silvers and grayling others hold chub and barbel this is one rod that lends itself to all. It’s light and very good value. I’m always carefull when recomending anything, but time and time again I have with this piece of kit. I always mention it of forums and when anglers are asking for the best float rod because I know its money week spent. I advised a few to get one and they also agree it’s fantastic value and a pleasure to use. The new 12ft no1 next!

  5. David White

    Having used the CR13 #2 for well over a year now I can only state that my aging Normarks are now relegated to ‘ special occasions ‘ and I now own and most importantly use Cadence rods for the majority of my fishing trips, with others getting added in the very near future
    ( search the reviews I submitted a comparison of my #2 and my Titan 2000 many moons ago )
    All my rods are excellent in use, superbly finished and excellent value for money, pencil thin blanks, excellent balance and a superb action with hidden power when bonus fish are hooked, importantly the power bands indicated by the #1 – #3 are genuine and not a gimmick thus there’s ar rod for almost every occasion at a price that won’t break the bank
    Quite honestly what more could you ask for

  6. Jimmy D

    Bought the 13 #2 to complement a 15ft acolyte, but wanted something less tippy with a little more back bone. Was pointed to the #2 by James as the best option that would fit with my needs and the Acolyte to cover stick and waggler float use in various swims and locations.
    When it arrived I was taken back by the finish the thinness and lightweight with what seemed a good action, and I thought the Acolyte was a good bit of kit!.

    First outing on the river confirmed what I thought, a delight to use, great action, accounting for around 10 lb of dace with very few bump offs and a trout pushing 5 lb to test it, no bother delivered just what I wanted, James’s advice was spot on.

    I find I use it more and more on both still and running water. Sure I will add to this rod, perhaps the 11ft #2 or 12 ft #1 ?.

    If you’re looking for a new rod I can only say give Cadence a go, you will not be disappointed and the rods are great value compared to products two or three times the price.

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