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Cadence CR10 15ft Match Rod

Cadence CR10 15ft Match Rod

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The CR10 range covers most UK coarse rod applications and will prove extremely popular for both commercial and natural venues. The high quality blanks are constructed from a blend of 40 and 36 ton carbon and this provides rods that are lightweight, slim and strong. The components used are of the highest quality including AAA cork, Fuji guides, Fuji reels seats and the finish is simply stunning! Compare these rods to other higher priced brands with similar specification and quality and you will confirm that Cadence rods display amazing value for money. Also be assured that your purchase will help get more kids outdoors and fishing – Go Fishing, Give Back!

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SKUStock Description PriceQuantity
CR10-153C-L 86 In Stock CR10 15ft Match #0 £149.99
CR10-153C-LM 67 In Stock CR10 15ft Match #1 £149.99
CR10-153C-M 13 In Stock CR10 15ft Match #2 £149.99


About the Cadence CR10 15ft Match Rod #0

For anglers who like a float rod that is softer in the tip and down into the mid-section, the Cadence 15ft Zero is the ultimate all-rounder. Softer than the #1 by around 15%, it’s certainly no pushover and will find a place in most rod bags due to its sheer versatility. Perfect for bolo work when picking line up at distance, stick float fishing off the rod and for slider fishing.


Weight Power Action Line Pieces
206g 1-15g Fast 6lb 3

About the Cadence CR10 15ft Match Rod #1

Cadence has sold big numbers of this 15ft rod and it is easy to see why when you pick it up. The perfect rod for trotting a stick or a waggler on rivers. Being longer it enables anglers to fish deeper waggler pegs between 8 and 10ft with consummate ease. Ideal for light bolo work too. A forgiving action which has been used by Cadence anglers to land chub to 4lb on super-fine .08mm diameter hook lengths.


Weight Power Action Line Pieces
206g 1-15g Fast 6lb 3


About the Cadence CR10 15ft Match Rod #2

All the same attributes as the Cadence 15ft No1 but with a little more grunt in the butt to mid sections to help control bigger fish. Fine hollow rolled tip and progressive fast action allows you to set small hooks and relatively fine hook lengths without fear of crack-offs. The fish playing action is sublime, putting the angler in control of the situation, even when fish are getting into double figures. Brilliant rod for big Avons and bolo work when using bigger baits such as bread, luncheon meat and bunches of maggots.


Weight Power Action Line Pieces
211g 2-20g Fast 6lb 3


About Cadence CR10 Match Fishing Rods

Fishing has moved on so much from 20 years ago when a match angler would typically carry two 13 foot match rods; one for light line work and a more powerful rod for bigger fish and fishing at greater distances.

And the Cadence CR10 match range reflects the diversity of venues, approaches, species and styles of fishing we all use to get the most from our sport.

So whether you want a soft-actioned 11ft rod for canal waggler fishing, a soft-actioned 12 or 13ft rod for picking off silvers and F1s on winter commercials, a 13 foot power float rod for big carp or chub on tight streams and rivers, through to a 16ft three-piece float rod for targeting barbel and chub with strong line and strong hooklengths, we have it covered – and then some.

The Cadence team are all dedicated, committed anglers, passionate about bringing out rods with the correct actions and capabilities for their specific tasks.

All of our rods are fit for purpose – designed by anglers, for anglers.

With our performance for less strategy, Cadence offers superb rods at fantastic price points. The bottom line is that this means you can afford to buy a rod that may only be used four or five times a year for a specific purpose, without breaking the bank.

Cadence – Go Fishing, Give Back!


  • 40 / 36 Ton Carbon
  • Fuji Alconite guides
  • Fuji DPS-HPS Reel seat
  • AAA Cork handles

4 reviews

  1. Pat Morrissey (verified owner)

    CR10 15ft Match #1
    The first thing you notice about this rod is how light it is and how well it sits in the hand when balanced with the appropriate reel. The second thing is the finish: it looks like a classy piece of kit. But the third and most important thing is the action – whether playing small dace or handling 3lb grayling in fast deep water you never feel anything but in complete contact with the fish. It is a fantastic trotting rod – the extra length means line pick-up is fast and direct – and there’s enough power in the butt to manage bigger fish while the through action ensures lighter lines and smaller hooks are usable. A great rod, and even greater at those prices.

  2. Leigh Harrison

    CR10 15ft Match #0
    Wow! What a rod!
    Lovely balance and perfect for the stick or 3AAA+ waggler on the rivers for roach or other small to medium sized fish.
    I’ve used it on deep still waters as well catching roach, skimmers and bream up to 3lb+.
    If you bump fish on this rod YOU must be doing something wrong.
    A dream to play fish on, and I would say it’s an absolute must have rod for river roach fishing, it’s that awesome.
    Buy one and you’ll never regret it!

  3. Neil lawrence

    I’ve used this rod for nearly two years.
    Again I paired it up with the CS10 4000 reel to balance the length of rod.
    This is the first rod out of my rod bag it is fine enough through the tip section to hit every bite yet still has power through to land bonus fish.It has many uses from fine stick float fishing where finesse is the key to big bodied waggler and bolo fishing.The extra length helps when fishing at distance or deeper swims.
    I’ve landed big Bream on the waggler that I think I would of lost on any other rod.
    The finish of the blank is again top draw as what you would expect from a rod with a higher price tag.
    Great all round bit of kit when you need the extra length for better line control and pick up on strike.

  4. Mark Crawford

    This rod is a buzzing rod, very good pick up on line when fishing bolo at 25-30 yards, It is a fantastic trotting rod – pick-up is fast and direct.
    The Cr 10 15 foot match-0 is light, well balanced, fantastic piece of kit. I have been a river angler for many years and this rod will do you proud on the bank
    This rod you would think would cost you over 200 pounds plus so it is great value indeed.
    i would recommend Cadence to every body..The Cr reel range are fantastic aswell had an offer buy rod get a free reel,which are brilliant product also.

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